PMP Major Products 

(A) . PMP specializes in researching rubber molecule characteristics and never stops innovating.  Our products pass strict long-term REL tests.

(B) .  We work with global technology companies, aim at providing advanced precise functional elastomers, which are widely used in major 3C products.

The application of developed material is widespread, including basic elastomer such as, TPU, TPR, PU, EPDM, NR, NBR, AR, FKM, Silicone ECO, HNBR, synthetic material, LSR and HCR, Nylon, PC... development that is more precise than traditional technology, and various types of innovative technology and equipment.

Our product can also pass numerous kinds of strict REL tests and international certifications.

(C) . PMP’s plastic and silicone rubber products can, according to customer’s request, achieve functions such as waterproof, oilproof, FDA, sound resonance, anti-static, high/low temperature endurable, shock absorption, thermal conductive, insulated, anti-slippery and nice hand-feeling.

(D) Main Products Category:

    Different hardness of dissimilar material strong bonding, world market share No.1

     Specialfunction elastomer

     Thermal pad, thermal potty, world market share top 3

     Precise gear belt, world market share No.1

     Engineering plastic, synthetic rubber precise component

     Precise component of engineering plastic, synthetic rubber elastomer

     Technology products protective case. PMP is the first innovative design and manufacturer for protective case material. World market share No. 1

     New material and automation process development

      New material and automatic process R&D – We are the pioneer of innovative materials such as HCR, LSR, LIM, PLIM. 



  Products Application

Precise, special functions component of smart phone, tablet, laptop, game computer, printer, smart watch, car accessories, medical appliances, 3C products protective case, production machinery, food production machinery.....


PMP owns excellent technology and equipment for changing macromolecules polymer to meet specific needs and physical characteristics of materials.  Our products can pass long-term, strict REL tests. 



PMP group provides various and diversified products, and obtains customers all over the world. To avoid business relationship confusion and dispute, and to ensure you are contacting the right window of employee from PMP or it’s affiliate, please email to the mailbox below, we will reply shortly.