Precise Teeth Belt


PMP has been producing transmission belts for over 30 years.  We fully control the whole process, from material compounding to production.  With the eagerness to improve, we keep optimizing our process in order to shorten the lead time.  Now, PMP’s teeth belts dominate the global market with high quality and competitive price.   

PMP can design and manufacture customized gear belt according to customer’s need.


PMP has listed past 30 years experience of development and production and organized into “PMP Belt Product Catalogue”, contents including Rubber and PU precision teeth belt, small motor rubber flat belt, metal and engineering plastic cross-linking with rubber, customized O-ring and surface treatment.


One of the many PMP product's catalog can be linked below. Please refer to it.

belt catalog


(1)   Inquiries related to teeth belt, please contact:  

Irene Wu / Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它

TEL: 886-2-2601-0500

FAX: 886-2-2601-8260


(2) As for products that are not belt related,  since we have the confidential agreement with clients, it is not allowed to exhibit on website. However, PMP’s innovative research and technology development in elastomer is leading the global industry.