Customizing materials according to clients’ specific needs, brainstorming with clients for product developing 

PMP has over 38 years rubber production and material compounding experiences.  We communicate directly with our clients to determine characteristics and texture of the products.  We develop products with specific functions and structure that required by our clients.  We are extremely experienced in customizing materials. 

PMP fully integrates every department from tooling, raw material compounding, QC to mass production.  The whole process can be done in our facility, which largely shortens the production lead time and improves quality.   


PMP’s plastic and silicone rubber products can, according to customer’s request, achieve functions such as waterproof, oilproof, FDA, high/low temperature endurable (-66~300℃), shock absorption, sound absorption, anti-static, thermal conductive, insulated, dielectric constant controllable, anti-slippery and nice hand-feeling.


 PMP product developing flow chart.  All process can be done in our factory

Lab equipment for material cross-reference tests

Material developing 

Precision tool design & developing


REL tests using our advanced equipment 

QC and process check

Mass production

Optimizing process and yield improving


 Examples of customizing material (involved many MP projects, strickly follow NDA) 


The first anti-dust, shock absorbed cell phone protective case ;lowtransparent,hightemperature endurableandanti-agingmaterialforsucker; capacitancecontrollable material for touch panel, dental pads…etc, to be discussed according to customer’s need.