PMP Profession Competitiveness

PMP possesses 37 years’ practical experience of elastomer, laboratory instrument, world-class tool fabrication precise machining equipment and technique. PMP’s strength is that we understand the molecular structure and property relationship of elastomer, and are capable of efficiently resolving issues and overcome technology bottleneck to cooperate with customer on various kinds of innovation development.


   PMP Team: Technology, Equipment, Talents


1. To change high polymer molecular structure and meet special property and requirement.

2. Passed high and low temperature REL test, chemicals that may contact in daily life, long-term REL test.

3. No outgassing in our products, and strictly obeying to international environmental regulations.


PMP possesses superior technology and equipment to change molecular structure of material and meet special property and requirement, in the mean time, to have product passed strict temperature and long-term REL test without outgassing.


PMP selects suitable material according to customer’s request, and possesses profession to adjust material, at the same time, takes care of the possibility of mass production and compliance with international environmental regulation.


   Research & Development


          1. Functional elastomer formula and adjustment
          2. Dissimilar material bonding to achieve cosmetic requirement.
          3. Customized production equipment design and development.
          4. Laboratory establishment and application
          5. Precise tool and automation fixture fabrication experience.
          6. Professional personnel cultivation

Successfully integrated different scope of profession to provide customer with the best solution.


   International Certificate

PMP possesses professional technology for R&D, a variety of production facilities are self-design, self-fabricated. Eg. Precise gear belt tool and facility.

PMP designedanddeveloped functional products can pass strict REL test, and acquire international certificate such as UL flame retardant certificate.

          •  UL:E153203、E300606、MH45643、E247153
          • Qulity/Environment:ISO 9000, ISO 14000
          • Labor Safety and Health:OHSAS 18001
          • Automotive Industry︰TS16949
          • Medical Industry:ISO 13485
          • Lab Certificate:DELL Shock, Vibration & Drop Lab. Certificate
          • Green Product:SONY GP (Green Partner 2003)
          • FDA & ISO-10993related test certificates